Group Exhibition PLASTICITY

Storytellers of images of visually moldable metaphors, the artists express in the plasticity of their works the result of the development of an experience where the articulation of the needs of artistic expression, the knowledge of the materialities and the skill of the creators converge.

Contemporary artistic practices make use of counterpoints, of stimulus and answers from plastic languages, with which he intends to vindicate the census-visual aspect, while exposing the limits of representation.

Figuration, abstraction, mimesis. Channeling through an artistic language. Productions loaded with symbolism...

Is contemporaneity a return to plasticity, to the recourse of the totalizing image? Are we facing a new
circumstantial movement, a new change of direction?
In the face of these questions, Plasticity, the new exhibition of GALERIA AZUR MADRID, aims to show that we are accomplices to a rebirth of painting in contemporary art in which there is no shortage of resources, new creators, new proposals, nor the feeling of an inexhaustible artistic spirit.

This selection of works allows us to reflect on the key of spatio-temporal appropriation, which expands in a narrative of sequences, episodes reinforced by stains and lines within figuration and gestural elements.
From a visual rotundity, achieved through plastic elements, the curatorial narrative contains the conviction that the work of art must be able to offer at the same time a stimulating experience for the senses and for the intellect; and that the creative act responds to the artist's effort to explain the world and to situate himself within it.

Representiert von Kunstsamlingen in Dänemark
Represented by Kunstsamlingen in Denmark

Neuer Katalog raus 2022 | New catalog out 2022

The focus of our group show, „Women In Art '21“ - Berlin Art Week Edition is the new work of the ten represented female artists. We show artwork that has been created during the last year. The work represents the strong, flexible, creative and - especially during hard times – very focused and target-oriented approach to facing a year of difficult circumstances.

Women are still underrepresented in the art market; that's why we seek to promote female art at its best!
„Women in Art '21“ Berlin is the first edition of an initiative set to be continued annually in different locations.

Ausstellungen | Exhibtions

Gruppenausstellung "Women in Art" in Berlin während
der Berliner Artwoche 2021 mit drei meiner Werken aus der Fairytale Serie

Group exhibition "Women in Art" in Berlin during of the Berlin Art Week 2021 with three of my works from the Fairytale series

PaviArt, Milano wurde leider wegen Corona in 2020 abgesagt
 Unfortunately the PaviArt ,Milan were canceled in 2020.

 "Lange Nacht der offenen Ateliers" wurde wegen Corona abgesagt.
Ich werde einige meiner Arbeiten an einem späteren Zeitpunkt ausstellen. Die genaue Zeitpunkt werde ich  über meine soziale Medien 
bekannt geben.

Repräsentiert von der Galerie ZContemporary in Hamburg.
Represented by the gallery ZContemporary in Hamburg.

Impression von der Ausstellung auf der wopartfair 2019 in Lugano,
wo sieben meiner Werke ausgestellt wurde.
Impression from my exhibition on the wopartfair 2019 in Lugano 

where seven of my works were exhibited.

Impresionen der Gruppenausstellung "Behind the Color" 
 in Hamburg Hafencity, Februar 2020


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